8 Prompts to Prime your Creative Juices

I’m always amazed at how quickly the landscape changes in spring. Tree leaves burst open and flowers sculpt themselves, following some mysterious mass call to beautify. Birds assemble tight round nests and miniature fungi umbrellas sprout overnight. It makes me wonder, what divinely ingrained pattern is ready to burst forth from me?

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Bliss Key: Bring Awareness to Your Five Layers

Body-Mind-Spirit and Mind-Body Connection get thrown around a lot. It took me a long time to really grasp what this meant. Clearly we have a body and a mind, and one can affect the state of the other. But, I didn’t have a handle on the spirit part or the how and why of these connections.

When I started practicing yoga and meditation, and I learned to observe myself, body and thoughts, it crystallized a bit. What really brought it home for me though was learning about the five koshas, five distinct sheaths that comprise your complete self.

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Where Is Humanity Hiding?

Truth rises. So many hearts are bubbling over in these extraordinary times. It’s no longer possible to live under a rock, status quo.  I haven’t seen anyone speaking their truth recently without getting seared, though.

As we take a stand in this divisive, caustic atmosphere, where is the path? What are we seeking with this unfamiliar bleeding? The immediate call begs for acknowledgment, respect, dignity, compassion and love. These are basic, reasonable expectations and mark the trail head to solutions for complex social issues. Yet, these needs are going unmet on all sides. Why?

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