Where Is Humanity Hiding?

Truth rises. So many hearts are bubbling over in these extraordinary times. It’s no longer possible to live under a rock, status quo.  I haven’t seen anyone speaking their truth recently without getting seared, though.

As we take a stand in this divisive, caustic atmosphere, where is the path? What are we seeking with this unfamiliar bleeding? The immediate call begs for acknowledgment, respect, dignity, compassion and love. These are basic, reasonable expectations and mark the trail head to solutions for complex social issues. Yet, these needs are going unmet on all sides. Why?

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How to Ground in Comfort and Joy this Season

The stockings are hung, the cookies are iced. The blank greeting cards are piled, along with the bills, and the bows and the good intentions, all morphing, as I type, into glittering balls of guilt and stress. Oh, the mid-December sugarplum crash. 

It happens every year. One of the perks of being a mindful, middle-aged yogini, is that I’ve honed a few tricks and tools to bust the slump before I get too Grinchy. I’m sharing them today as my holiday gift to you.

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Do You Let Intuition Steer the Cart?

Do you grocery shop like you're on a mission, with a divide-and-conquer plan of attack? Do you map a zigzag aisle path or strategic perimeter lap? Or, do you let your intuition drive the cart? That sounds counterproductive, right? I thought so, until my gut interrupted a 100-meter mom dash to the milk case.

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How to Cultivate Contentment: Kitchen It

Lounging on a white sand beach. Pooh Bear with a belly full of honey. Ah, the feeling of contentment. I realized when I think of the term, my vision sways to either picture book fiction or spa-grade fantasy, i.e., scenarios unattainable on a typical Tuesday.

Yet, yoga asks that we seek contentment as a guiding principle for harmony in our day-to-day lives. Contentment isn’t just a vacation event. It’s there, patiently waiting for us to uncover among the bustle and discord of our common days, thoughts and interactions.

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