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I’m Liz Lear, a yoga teacher, writer and healer answering the call to help other women break free from the stress cycle. I’ve lived in the pressure cooker, and I know how frustrating and draining it can be. My mind and heart were locked in a cage of worst case scenarios, bottled-up emotions and fear of the unknown, until I found freedom in a powerful duo.

How I gave Stress the Boot

My journey toward peace blossomed when I brought together two personal passions, yoga and writing. Self reflection, serendipity and heart opening invited tranquility and harmony into my life.

I discovered the cathartic benefit of diary writing as a child, conversing with myself on topics I dared not venture into with another soul. An honesty and lightness came to issues weighing heavily on my heart once they spilled onto a page. Clarity came from reading my story on paper. This is where I first learned and intuitively applied the principles of mindful observation and bringing darkness into light.

Yoga would enter much later, a savior when I was bowing to the stress of adult achievement list ticking. At that point, writing had diminished from a dance of creative self-expression to a capability I rented out on weekdays. It wasn’t long before yoga seeped off the mat and into my everyday thinking. I became self aware, at ease and mindful of choices. I stopped buying adorable shoes I didn’t need and passed on cheese curls. I saw that I had a choice to acknowledge and release thoughts and emotions as they flowed in.

Then, the forgotten friend of my childhood, personal writing beckoned. I started pouring out my story, and seeing my patterns, fears and self limitations more clearly than ever. At the same time, yoga theory and the body’s energy flow drew my curiosity. A pipe dream of sharing yoga and its powerful mind-body-spirit keys shifted into reality as I trained to teach and heal.

Yoga informed my writing, and writing expanded my yoga practice. When these passions intertwined, layers of falsehood, drama and stress dropped away. I soared, the cage of stress in my wake.

How I Can Help You Find Peace

I blend my experience as a certified yoga teacher, reiki level II energy healer and professional storyteller to create empowering, uplifting experiences for women who crave a sense of peace and harmony in their lives. Is this YOU?

I invite you to join this beautiful community of self exploration and peace seeking. Yoga and writing have a way of revealing through honed self awareness and honest reflection, the source of stress, fear and anger in our lives. Once illuminated, we become empowered with choice.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never kept a diary or can’t touch your toes. My goal is to make the valuable takeaways of yoga and free writing accessible to anyone. I create my custom programs with your experience in mind. Transmute your stress with reflective writing prompts, down-to-earth perspective on yoga theory and concepts, personal journey sharing and yoga exercises.

Together, we can restore peace, harmony and flow in your life.

Ways to Work with Me

I’m overjoyed to share this empowering journey to peace with you, and filled with awe at the possibilities yoga and writing may bring to your life. 

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