Ask Yourself This: Top 25 Yoga Writing Prompts

So often yoga classes start with the teacher asking students, “Check in with yourself.” We may scan our bodies for knots and pains, note the pace and tenor of our mind’s thought track, and weightiness of our emotions. We don’t always check in with our spirit, and the fluidity of our connection to it.

This is an elusive part of ourselves, often overshadowed except in times of great challenge and change.

Spirit is our thread to oneness, the basis of all relationships. I’ve found that reflecting on yoga philosophies and their play in my life a keyhole to the spirit, and personal freedom. I’ve spent my editorial career asking others questions that graze the creative spirit, but only recently started to really turn the tables with pointed self inquiry. Yoga philosophy offers a beautiful foundation and road map for spirit discovery and invitation into our daily lives. I’ve felt compelled to share the questions that come up as I explore the yogic path, in hopes that you, too, find peace and freedom in your honest responses. It’s interesting how answers can change day to day, year to year.

 I recently posted Spirit Spur’s 100th journal exploration on Instagram, and wanted to share a round-up of some of the most popular and a few of my personal favorites. I’d love to hear which prompts offer you the most personal insight. And, if you found these helpful, follow me on Instagram for daily yoga journaling inspiration. Thank you for joining me on the yoga path. Namaste.

Top 25 Journal Explorations

  1. How do you feel after cleaning out a closet, desk or cupboard?
  2. What are you passionate about exploring?
  3. What does balance feel like?
  4. What helps you go within?
  5. From what do you wish to detach?
  6. What does it mean to surrender?
  7. How have you mortgaged your future?
  8. Describe your sense of financial security over the course of your life.
  9. What in your life is purpose driven?
  10. Where is your focus, the journey or results?
  11. Is your sense of security tied to anything impermanent?
  12. Beyond money, how do you define success?
  13. How do your physical senses shape your perception of this world?
  14. When do you call upon your feminine energy?
  15. What happens to your sense of time when you meditate?
  16. How do you express your creativity?
  17. How does it feel to nourish your body with healthy, flavorful food?
  18. When do you stifle your voice?
  19. For what liberty are you grateful?
  20. Ponder the pause between inhale and exhale.
  21. When does the boundary between self and all blur?
  22. In what pose do you feel expansive?
  23. What is your favorite place to practice yoga?
  24. Where do you see competitiveness creeping in to your practice?
  25. Describe your energy level. What has affected it today?

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