Journal Your Way to Joy: 25 Writing Prompts

Joy to the world. What about joy to me?

You deserve a piece of that global goodness. Is your holiday joy hiding this year? Hint: It’s waiting within for your invitation to come out and play. Grab a gingerbread chai and your journal and explore these reflective questions to help unlock your joy:

25 Joy Prompts

1.       Set a mindful intention to invoke joy this holiday season. Write your intention three times, and spend a few minutes in meditation. Revisit this practice daily, if possible.

2.       View your surroundings through the eyes of a child.

3.       Imagine a snowy, sunset hike. Describe the experience via all five senses.

4.       What does the word “cozy” bring to mind?

5.       What holiday symbols hold meaning for you? Why?

6.       What expectations do you have for upcoming holiday gatherings?

7.       How can you streamline shopping, errands, cleaning, etc.?

8.       What songs bring you joy at the holidays? Describe the feeling or memories associated.

9.       For what are you grateful this holiday season?

10.   What scents and sounds inspire you at the holidays?

11.   Describe joyful memories of holidays past. What do these memories hold in common?

12.   What are you looking forward to this holiday?

13.   When can you fit in simple or indulgent self care this season? Write out a plan.

14.   What supports your spiritual connection at the holidays?

15.   Describe one thing you admire about each family member you anticipate seeing at an upcoming celebration.

16.   How will you give yourself a mental break when your schedule gets busy?

17.   In particular if you will be working or celebrating away from loved ones, define an individual spiritual practice, joyful playlist, after work winter hike destination or other activity to bring joy to your inner world.

18.   Map a stress diffuser plan for three likely holiday stress-me-out scenarios.

19.   Describe your ultimate fantasy holiday in detail. What feelings does this fantasy bring you?

20.   Make a list of beautiful gifts you’ve received throughout your life.

21.   What holiday traditions bring you joy? Which do not? How can you shift the balance toward what bring you joy?

22.   What expectations do you strive to meet at the holidays? Are these yours or someone else’s? Examine and eliminate or reduce what does not serve your greatest good.

23.   Describe how joy feels in your body.

24.   List five activities that bring you pure joy.

25.   When you feel less than joy, what type of thought patterns are running in your mind? Explore the relationship between mindful presence and joy in your life.

Wishing you all the joys of the season, and eternal joy of the heart.

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