8 Prompts to Prime your Creative Juices

I’m always amazed at how quickly the landscape changes in spring. Tree leaves burst open and flowers sculpt themselves, following some mysterious mass call to beautify. Birds assemble tight round nests and miniature fungi umbrellas sprout overnight. It makes me wonder, what divinely ingrained pattern is ready to burst forth from me?

As humans, we feel that earthly nudge to create, yet free will and a higher level of consciousness give us a great deal more choice in the matter than flora and fauna experience. Our instincts of course draw us toward procreation, but artistic, culinary, theatrical and professional initiatives are among the boundless, natural ways we humans create.

The scope of a single human's creative power is breathtakingly awesome, and yet at times we as creators find it plain overwhelming. When one struggles, blocks quickly cloud the creative path.

Get the Juices Flowing

Following are a few prompts and a guided meditation to help you explore your own creative processes and get the inspiration flowing:

1.       What new activity are your drawn to try? How does it seem related or unrelated to your current lifestyle?

2.       Quiet yourself with several deep slow breaths, eyes closed. Invite your intuition to share your next creative endeavor. Explore what comes up.

3.       When was the last time you created something just for fun? What did you enjoy about the process?

4.       What creative projects or ideas on the back burner? Explore your feelings about each and reasons for tabling. If you find that you wish to revisit a particular idea, jot down an action plan to dedicate time and energy to this seedling.

5.       Where exactly do you feel stuck? Are the obstacles internal or external? List your obstacles and potential solutions to each.

6.       Pose a problem as a question for contemplation as you enter a silent meditation. Observe what comes up in your mind's eye objectively. Even if seemingly irrelevant, document the experience in your journal and see what flows from there.

7.       Table a creative block. Spend 5 minutes instead drawing, dancing, free writing, sculpting, singing or engaging any creative process of your choice with complete focus on the present moment, letting go of the outcome. Afterward, explore possible solutions to the block in your journal.

8.       Meditate on your creativity energy center, the sacral chakra. I’ll guide you in this audio meditation:

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