A Year of Gratitude: 52 Journal Prompts for Weekly Reflection

As we wrap up a week of gratitude awareness and mindful reflection in the Five Minutes to Peace Facebook group, I wanted to offer a means to keep the momentum going post turkey day.

Thanksgiving provides us the equivalent of a 100-meter dash gratitude sprint. To really shift your life perspective and anchor in peace, giving thanks needs to be a year-round practice. To help you sustain a long-term practice, I’ve put together a year’s worth of weekly gratitude prompts.


52 Journal Prompts to Inspire Thankfulness

  1. Recall a cherished experience.

  2. Recall a selfless act someone recently performed for your benefit.

  3. Give thanks for a teacher and the lessons they offered you.

  4. Dream your future life and give thanks for it now.

  5. What are you taking for granted in your life?

  6. What little luxuries are you grateful for?

  7. How has someone shown you love today?

  8. Recall a time you received unconditional love.

  9. Explore how life, the universe has shown you favor.

  10. Offer thanks for your body. Name three ways it serves you daily.

  11. Note the ways the Earth sustains you.

  12. Describe the sensations the feeling of gratitude brings to your body.

  13. Find a silver lining.

  14. Note the lessons a life challenge offered and how those lessons have served you moving forward.

  15. Give thanks for each of your rotations around the sun.

  16. Consider all the people whose labor contributed to your last meal.

  17. Give thanks for a source of creative inspiration.

  18. How are your basic needs being met today?

  19. How has a family member or friend supported you over the years?

  20. Give thanks for the time you spent with someone who is no longer in your life.

  21. Offer thanks for the freedoms you have.

  22. Write a love note.

  23. List the talents and unique attributes you’ve been blessed with.

  24. Recall a time nature took your breath away.

  25. What makes you laugh?

  26. When or where do you feel a strong sense of community? Who fosters this community?

  27. What books seem written expressly for you?

  28. Who has pushed you to be your best?

  29. What brings you comfort?

  30. What keeps you warm in cold weather?

  31. What rituals bring you peace?

  32. Give thanks for three things, people or experiences you find calming.

  33. Give thanks to your fear for the protection it intends to offer you.

  34. Thank the universe for your life.

  35. Offer thanks for your last meal.

  36. Consider the modes of transportation you use and their impact on your life.

  37. Write a long overdue thank you note to someone.

  38. Describe a time you received an unexpected gift.

  39. Thank the various systems of your body for supporting your life.

  40. List three important things you learned from a family member.

  41. Describe a time when a friend came through for you.

  42. How has a role model shaped the path of your life?

  43. Describe in detail a simple pleasure you enjoy.

  44. What has inspired you this week?

  45. Offer thanks for spiritual support.

  46. How does technology enhance your life?

  47. When did you receive a reward or acknowledgment for your effort?

  48. Offer thanks for human creativity in its many forms.

  49. What treat are you grateful for? Why?

  50. Name three songs that light you up.

  51. Give thanks for financial abundance.

  52. Offer thanks for three things within three yards of you right now.